I have no clue what happened on that trip. Please mail me comments and descriptions about these photos.

Looks like Lemming/Orange is very happy about the idea of brushing his teeth.

Drinkin on the way there - and back.

Oh. Virne/Coma drinks. How rare.

These two are very HiRMU-like persons. Jukka Kauppinen/HiRMU and Jukka Hurmos/HiRMU, sometimes known as Lemming/Orange too.

Bringing beer inside the party I presume.

Oh darn. It's so cold, it's so cold....

But drinking must continue, confessed Apatia/Orange.

xx/yy and Sivu/Byterapers taking the boat trip as a relaxing experience.

Oh, shhhhh, the babies sleep. Enema/Byterapers with his girlfiend taking a nap while two active sceneduuds are still participating in most excellent hobbies: leftmost guy is drinking while the other reads latest HiRMU-lehti.

Oh my. Sivu/Byterapers does not drink. HE MUST BE DEAD!

And another sleeping

Razorback and Primon are suffering from bus lag.

If you use imagination, you will find naked men in shover.

The men from Coma are looking at some real life thingies.

Virne: Apatia, have you ever kissed a girl?
Apatia: No, but I saw one from distance once.
Virne: Why does she wear those red clothes?
Apatia: I don't know. I'm afraid. Let's go home.

Apatia/Coma, Kakka's woman and Sivu/Byterapers having slow, eventless time.


...coming back or going there... on a ferry anyway.

Just like here too.

And when I drink beer, I DRINK beer. Sivu/Byterapers.

More Sivulike things.


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