Boys in The Gathering'99

These pictures were taken when the boys & few girls started their engines and took the road to the big world. West, west! To The Gathering! You better see also Jope's digital pictures in --HERE--.

Finland. Porkkana messing himself. Look, is that shit in his hand? Is it something else? What a young healthy drug user might have lying around in his pocket?

Norway. Fast, eh?

Look at that poor car. They actually got to Norway and back with it. Guess if Virne is sitting in right?

Jum. Me. Grendel. And beer. In a car.

Do not hit mr. Pallo. Their engagement gift from Primon or somthing if I remember it right. Ureator on right is so happy for them.

It was so happy. Sun and mud. Four days of drinking beer in middle of parking lot which is a big mudlake.

Virne/Kooma, the big man, beer and mudlake. All you need in life to success?

Urgh. Some guys managed to buy Mämmi from Sweden. And now they're actually eating it. They went around with it earlier trying to offer it to foreigners who for some reason refused to touch it.

Primon played a dirty trick to Jope.

"Jopee, some mämmy with whipped cream."
"Yum, thanks!"
"It's shaving foam, muahahahahah"

HiRMU dominaatio 1999

Errr, what's wrong in this picture? One is Lemming, one is Grendel but which one is which?

Wow! I look COOL! Just had to lend those glasses. The picture on left is taken with my camera, messed somehow badly so stole the other picture from Jope's photo archive.

There was a cool tower near the partyplace.

Here you see the official partyplace and our partyplace.

And they wouldn't allow us to have a fire nearby. Fire department systems making alarm, my ass.

Itzgah was here previous year :)

Primon, Grendel & Lemming are happpyyyyyyyy in the tower.

Ureator, that bastard, stole the mattress I stole to guarantee my happy sleeps.

"No alcohol inside the partyplace."

Yeah, sure. Guys were drinking in the organizer's quarters. Beat that.

And yet another day is coming.

Back in the tower. It was a good place to be. You felt you ruuule the world there.

And if you wanted you could pee on the poor suckers down there. Of course we didn't. We just knew we could.

Primon had that darn useful little pocket sized binoculars :-)

Think this picture was taken some time after Lemming & CO had arrived. What does Lemming do when he comes to a party?

Yes, he goes sleeping in a car.

Jope. The man with the cows. Owner of the competing TG99 photo archive.

Oooooh, the last night in the partyplace.

Nothing bad can happen to us now.

The organizers have no more power on us. Make the fireeeee!

And fire there was.

During the first day guys and gels tried to make the usual fire in same place as in previous year. 10 minutes passed and eight, count 8, organizers came to put it out. And threatening to throw us all out of the party, ordering not to drink withing 1km of party etc. Buah.

Nice :-)

From left,
Grendel/(B), Jaana of Lemming, Lemming/Orange, Terhi, , Jope & Primon.

Do not let the fire escape us. It shall burn forever. Bring more wood. There's plenty on nearby train station.

You can cut firewood with it and you can play with it. Jiihaa.

Ah, the drug teens.

Porkkana, Razorback, Ureator.

And this was out partyplace. Neat.

And another neat thing. Norway.... ... ... Ahem.

Ach, das kriminalpolizei ist hier.

TG99 press pass. muahahhahaha

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