Saturday afternoon started slowly but nicely. People were recovering from the last night, and slowly even finding each other again. For example it took quite time before we found Dr.Dick / (B) who was able to sleep in the damn noisy main hall and only woke up when the organizers started walking over him. After the scenedoods were in some kind of group, the normal life resumed - beer.

It was damn sunny, warm afternoon and after Coma fellas took a portable grill out we went. There was a small harbour nearby, and we put up a scenecamp.

Here you see left>right:
Jmagic/Complex, Grendel/Byterapers, ?/Coma (?), someone behind him, Ureator/Coma without shirt, possible Razorback/Doomsday's head, someone's back and the young lovely sceneidol Lemming/Orange shows us his back.

The Mighty Duck. We had total entertaiment too, offered by a duck family. Ma Duck with her offspring, 3 smaller scale ducks. Plus another adult duck these 4 hated and chased it off everytime it came too near. They ate well that day.

Look, it's a grill, there's food too.

After the official grill coal started running low everything burning was useful for feeding the grill. Can't remember who's the guy behind grill, but he's got a helluwa cool hat with lots of cows.

Aarre on vanhassa myllyssä.

This needs some further expnalation. This sentence above means "The treasure is in the old mill."

The Funny Guys (tm) wrote a treasure map into a paper, and then burned it's edges so it looked "old".

After it, stuff the map into a bottle and LO, we got instant bottle mail, ready to sail the seven seas. Unfortunately we had only a lake, and just the boat harbour corner of it but.

Primon is looking to the lake, and the treasure map is ready to start its journey.

There it goes.

Goodbye treasure map. May you have eventful trip.

Actually guys then started thinking "what if there IS a treasure in the old mill"?

Night. Boozing. LOL! This pic has been brightened so you can see at least something. There's the grill blazing lovely in left, if you use your imagination. And oh yes, it's raining too. So some weaklings are under the trees, and the brave souls keep on drinking whatever the conditions are.

I recognize....
Lemming/Orange on left, Primon/Radio, someone, Virne/Coma, the Guy With Cow Hat and someone.

Night was getting late. At some moment the party moved into the pier. And more people kept on coming. Shops were closed at that time though, and those who had beer for sale were very popular.

Personalities here: Galaksin Valtiatar/HiRMU and Edi/Exotic Men in front.
Left is Dr.Dick/Byterapers and Grendel/Byterapers. Behind them the Guy With Cow Hat and still someone behind him.
Right you see Virne/Coma and two whoever they might be.

"Ok it's not my boat but I've done nuthing."

JMagic/Complex got the bright idea of climbing into an empty boat and immediately engaged in "friendly" conversation with the people in next boat, who after getting the clue that it might not be Jmagic's boat "suggested" he get off the thing.

Eventually Jmagic actually did it.

Those guys in the next boat were pretty fun folks. They had been cruising in the lake earlier, and when they came back helluwa many bags of emptied beer bottles were dragged out of the boat. At least one bag per person. Some of them stayed in the boat and continued drinking.

A lone soul in work. Mike / Byterapers keeping the party safe from intruders and horny chicks.

Damn him.

Looks very comfy job, eh?

"Ma, what's this feeling?"
wonders Ivy / HiRMU.

Someone behind admires his condition.

Guess this was the biggest concentration of guys inside at one time. Oh, except the competitions which quite totally sucked.

At least one could sit nicely in one place for some time and heal the sore feet.

Things improved remarkably though when one nice guy showed our demo Hyperventilation on the big screen. Definitely better. Yes. Also it was cool when Mike showed our C-64 demos. Coolcool.

At one point in the night two chicks got into the partyplace, which was actually a rock'n'roll & music place. They have gigs and other cool things there usually. Well, this time we had even more cool thing, a party. The chicks looked at people gathered outside, went in and we went immediately into even higher mood (if possible) thinking how they would be mighty surprised.

Eventually they came out, approached carefully our group and asked what the heck was going on. "Nerd meeting." Oh yeah sure Anyway they joined the group and spent actually quite a long time before continuing to get a ride to their home.

Looks like it's me in the left, in my Icebreakers squadron tshirt, , don't know who's to my right but then it's surely Jukka Kauppinen of HiRMU. Might be Coma people a bit right from middle sitting in the car trunk, looks like Apatia and Virne.

And this was a damn good show. Can't again (how surprising :-( ) remember this guy's name, but they had managed to forget their car keys inside the car. Oh well.

And LO, they spend whole evening and a good part of the night trying to get inside. Police wouldn't come, and the companies whose fonenumbers were given didn't answer. It was really amusing to watch all those people attempting to break into the car. Finally they managed to fiddle one of the windows out and boy they were happy. Got even the window back nicely in its place.

What a pose, yeah. Here we are. The beautiful people, the beautiful people.

Virne/Coma, Lemming/Orange, Grendel/Byterapers, Ivy/HiRMU, and uhh, uhhhh, ehhh...

Happy. Food. Ivy get a sausage. Happy. Food.

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