Another Byterapers wedding

(though this time just the other one was a (B) person)

Sorry all sceneduuds. Time of your wet dreams is over. Jazz of Byterapers is a married woman now. Jazz Fan Club continues its operations, but you know, you ain't got the same chances anymore that you maybe thought or hoped to have. The most gorgeous lady of the demoscene is now officially out of your league.

Magical day: 31.07.2004. Location: Siilinjärvi, Finland.
Antti Rissanen took Jazz / Byterapers to the altar.

Jazz and Antti. What a great couple.

Then some pics of the various people with names or without.

"Reznor (B)" and his lady.

The old tricky devil Grendel himself, with some ideas about the
ladies situated on the same table (pic above).

Old friends, Reznor and Jazz.

And a bit of the olde goode Byterapers family, with Antti, Jazz and Grendel.

And below the old tradition. Who's gonna marry next?

A gentlemannish Grendel and the ladies.
The booze cache is hidden, of course.
Why else would we be away from the party?

The bestman and the groom.

The traditional trick of "kidnap the bride" was fast and successful.
We had to return Jazz, though, she almost drunk us under the table.

The band consisted of groom's friends.
They played loud and good.
A lot of dancind ensued.

Antti and Jazz.
What a couple! Congratulatulations!

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Cheers, Grendel

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