Byterapers, Inc. pikkujoulu 1998

Everybody a Byteraper unless otherwise stated.

Starting. Grendel feels the joy of a stick full of stars!

And it spreads... And spreads.... A joy way to use emptied beer bottles here!

Persons you see:
Enema, Eija, Professor Fate, Grendel, Dice/Doomsday and Deadbeat/The Sharks.

And more and more... Happyyyyyyy! Lasse, Professor Fate and Nico feel completely astonished on the way how Lasse manages to make fire from his fingers.

And it just doesn't stop. Fireeeee! A new face in the picture series is Johanna, the brains of Deadbeat in right corner. The house did not burn, despite extensive use of pyrotechnics. We used all sparky sticks that Lasse had - and bought boxload more on our way to the actual partyplace.

And we got there. And undressed. Hmmm. Manly. Dice/Doomsday.

Someone threw a broom into the swimming pool? Naaah, it's Grendel after all.

Growl (ex-(B)) commented the pool with inquiring words "kaakeloitu avanto?" after looking at these photos. :)

Hmm. Manly love. Bytelove. Nico and Eneman feel their love grow deeper.

Lasse gets fame with his new drink. And Dice has gotten a good place between two Byterapers. And look at his waiting face, and the way how Nico is feeling about his ear. I think Dice knows what he will be getting next.....

Lasse is definitely sexy, drinking in a pool.

Grendel and Lasse are doing mating dance.

Lovely drinking, swimming and going to sauna, again, again, again and again.

Lasse, Grendel, Jucca, Johanna, Professor Fate, Enema, Eija, Nico, Dice (?), Slobber.

Tadaaradum. Grendel's gonna hurt in a moment. Awww, what a pain.

Happy coming christmas!

Happy coming christmas v2.0 !

Drinking Saku-beer with manly style and fireeeeeeee!

"They're eating my hair!" shouts Grendel but enjoys the attention. Saunatime is over. Sniff.

But we can still swim a bit. Nico shows how a true Byteraper does a christmas swim.

Back where we started, at Lasse's place. Final beer going down. Got to lighten it up a bit, at least.

A reader commented "exceptionally ugly men you've found in these pictures". Way to go!

All pictures are real situations. Mostly.

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