Byterapers midsummer festival 1999

Jjjep. 6 meters of Miettinen brothers are fighting to throw the youngest into lake. The 2 bigger Byterapers brothers are no match to Nico, though. This looked and sounded like a big fight. Looks like Galaksin Valtiatar and Tuija are checking situation on left.

Grendel having some food.

Birra and Grendel going to the sea. Grendel's rubberboat was used a lot.

Yeahyeahyeah. Lasse / Byterapers. Take THAT girls.

And Birra & Grendel just refused to come out of water.

"Nooonoo you will NOT get my boat" and there they go again.

When you drink, drink with style. Lasse having a beer.

Real nice looking place don't you think?

Proton having some relaxing time.

Dice (ex Doomsday & stuff). Girls rowing out to the lake.

Birra / (B) chatting with Johanna & Tuija.

Well, some thought that throwing Grendel to lake was fun idea....

Night is coming and the drinking goes into serious gear.

Enema & Mr.Sex the Bytexmen drinking behind a Byte hitman.

And Mr.Sex has now had a bit too much.

But not as much as Dice.

Dice is practically always crazed and totally pissed when we're drinking somewhere, but this time he broke all his records.

Once Deadbeat found him from a nearby camp, crawling slowly towards the lake. He managed to bring Dice back. Dice stayed for a while happily in the ground but then, he restarted himself and began a slow advancement towards the lake. Crawl, crawl, falls down. Waits a moment, crawl, crawl, falls down. Could it be he wanted to be a fish again?

Finally Dice got to the lake. He was slowly crawling deeper and deeper until Grendel & Deadbeat went to fish him out.Of course it wasn't enough to Dice. It's a long story but let's just say that he tried to run away several times. And we were in middle of nothing, some 4 km to nearest house and 30 km to nearest village. Even the cars were parked some 1 km away. We had to chase him through the woods, shouting yelling swearing and trying to bring him back. And then again, only thing we saw was Dice's back as he was running elsewhere.

At one point he even tried to steal this neighbouring boat. But as he couldn't get the engine running Dice just attempted to sleep on it. Not that we agreed.

Axe him, Deadbeat!

That's what we felt about Dice :-)

A great midsummer party, in all. Good weather, enough booze, great people. Too many things happened that I care to write here. Poff.

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