Yip of Pure Byte. Member of the VERY FIRST Finnish demogroup that ever got into world fame. Yip was a very gifted musician, and his songs were all true classics of their time. Not forgetting Pure Byte's demos either. Shortly befor the party some Pure Byte members were by the way messed up in middle of the very first Finnish hacker episode, which made some interesting talking in the party as well.

Communist Cowboy of West Russian Bad Boys. Quite a person here. There was a true mania at one time in the party with everybody writing stupid little sticky notes and leaving them everywhere. Communist AKA Kommari gives here his opinion of whole partyepisode:

"Olen tosi hömelö lameri, en siis todellakaan ymmärrä näitä tarravitseja"

Communist Cowboy is trying to kill Grendel his with Cosmic Shovel (Kosminen Lapio). Another sign of party maddness freaking people.

Devil of Action Force/Byterapers. Yes, we were young. Devil & comraden later formed Contex, which was one of the very great names on C-64 demoscene.

Well.... This lihapiirakka (foodstuff) had been in microwave oven for 30 minutes.

You had to see it yourself to believe how bad it could look. Note the teethmarks up/left - Lanttu/Byterapers was SO hungry he actually tried to eat that meatpie. Just one chew, wonder why? :-)

Wratchchild of 777-Team. One of the first good'n'famous Amiga teams from Finland.

Pater Becker. A Stack member who got into quite remarkable fame because other Stack members always did crual jokes on him, and even made a Becker Equalizator demo which was horrido funny stuff.

Some guys from Digitize Design Group, I presume.

FCS of Finnish Gold. A coder legend of his and later times.

Irwin of.... Whatever. One might wonder if he's still alive. If you know him, you know what I'm talking about. Beer, booze & drugs.

Irwin & a young Lanttu/Byterapers having good partygo!

Communist Cowboy / West Russian Bad Boys taking a nap - sleeping on a billiard table.

A buncha guys. Communist Cowboy sitting on the computer, possibly Evil/Finnish Gold sitting in front/middle.

Hey! It's the partyplace! With Byterapers' minibus included as a bonus. It was bigger than it looked, but the huge minus was the janitor who lived in same building and didn't very much regard the week long boozing downstairs.

O boy, that's a mess!

Pater Becker Spider Stack's tent was handled quite roughly by Lennu AKA DDT/Accession. We all were just stuffing inside when DDT walks in dragging a tent behind him and yells "hey guys look what I found outside!"

A buncha guys here. Left to right:
(possibly) Hoffi / Hacker Trick Group (hah! grin!), ?/Team-X (our Amiga cooperation partner), Zados / Stack, Zady/?, Bottleboy / R.I.P

Beer drinking competition.

This requires a bit of explalation. Lennu/Accession got angry with Shogun / Byterapers, and they almost started fighting. Then they made a deal: they will compete on beer drinking, and the loser (who stops first) will offer whole next day.

So they started drinking. Straight from a whole bucket of beer. And kept on drinking and kept on drinking and...

Finally Lennu made this fatal mistake. He simply burped - and whole lotta more came up with the burp! STRAIGHT into the beer bucket!

Well, there was nothing more to do. Lennu had lost.

They calmly cleaned most of the puke from the bucket and continued drinking as pals. That cleaning bit was a bit too much for most of us, as you can imagine :-)

Wanky joystick competition.

The official party competition was a game of Sex Games, where you had to waggle joystick back and forth as quick as you could. Here Monster/Bloodsuckers (?) is giving his best.

Wanky joystick competition.

Bottleboy / R.I.P. makes it better! A sure winner?

Wanky joystick competition.

Rockstar / Byterapers comes as the last finalist. Ooooo, look at him, he's accelerating! Communist Cowboy tries to sabotage!

Wanky joystick competition.

But Communist isn't enough to disturb Rockstar! He ACCELERATES! Bottleboy is looking from behind, and looook, he is still smiling.

Wanky joystick competition.

But no more. Rockstar beat his highscore! Bottleboy came only 2nd and so sure he was to win!

This resulted in huge outburst of frustration, and Bottleboy climbed up a pillar, all the way up to ceiling and started yelling. I managed to snap a picture when he was finally sliding slowly down, after spurting out his feelings.

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