Byterapers 12.5 years bithday party

Tampere, Finland. 19-21.02.1999

Colour photos by Grendel / (B) - b/w photos by Lemming
Texts with reportage and confessions from Lemming/Orange&HiRMU!
Some bits by Grendel / (B) too

Friday night.

The fun has started. In sauna Lemming/Orange and Zados/Damones sat next to each other and Lo, people noticed how similar they are. Did someone mention hairy animal like bodies and bald heads?

Oh shit! That's Lemming posing naked with the notorious Damones founder Zados! Uh well, everyone's got nudie pics of themselves in the internet anyway, right? The story behind this picture is that I had been in the army for some while before the party and I had to cut my hair. I had shaven myself bald just a few days before the party, and on the party people started noticing how similar me and Zados looked; both bald, hairy and heavily equipped (hehe!). Uncle Grendel noticed this also and decided to take this cute picture of us :). So, that's me on the right and Zados on the left if someone doesn't recognize.

Here are some of the fine ladies on the party! Of course the sauna got filled with guys every time a girl went to the sauna. (although I must point out that the sauna was full of guys all the time anyway)

The first ladies sauna session was commented as "classic girls sauna", as Hanna told afterwards that half of the 'ladies' were guys. All of us who then had wanted to sauna too but were too much of gentleman types to disturb them were naturally quite appalled.

During saturday after people came back from some the dinner Grendel & couple guys got to the partyplace with a bunch of ladies following in just a moment. Again the ladies reserved whole sauna and Grendel was so disappointed as he had dreamed "now, I will SAUNA" and suddenly the ladies robbed him of his dream. Oh, and naturally, afterwards the ladies said "oh but of course you could have come to sauna with us." Another bugger.

Seems like Grendel became jealous of our little pose over there and wanted to be in the same picture with Zados too, showing how much he cares for him.

They DID have a small problem with Zados accidentally burning his genitalia in the fireplace (probably thought it was a sausage or something), but this doesn't seem to bother the happy couple. Oh, Grendel, I luuuv your unshaven beard!

Zados/Damones. Like only a scene veteran can be. Look, tits!

He, as the humble meek self he is, admitted afterwards "no doubt I have the scene figure of the decade. Lemming/Orage comes of course as the good no.2".

Original comment: Kieltämättä minulla on vuosikymmenen skenevartalo, hyvänä kakkosen tulee tietenkin Lemming / Orangesta.

And here's some of the people on the party just having enjoyed a sauna.

From left to right: Gurdan/(B), Dr.Dick/(B), FCS/Finnish Gold, Dice/Ex-Doomsday, AMJ/(B), Grendel/(B), Birra/(B), Sunnu (still in CNCD?) and Micron/(B) showing a bit of his tummy.

And a good selection of already emptied bottles. Argh, someone's been drinking Karhu. Yuck.

Same people, different angle, with some female additions in the left.

Here we have Notorious J.S.A. of DDG fame and Micron/(B) apparently having a good time, with Sunnu and Yolk/CNCD giving a grin at the rude paparazzi with the camera.

Poor lads hadn't seen each other for months and immediately they're documented for the generations to come.

That's Kauramehu, my bright and joy (still being a bit sober), and myself (still being a bit too drunk - why do I get into these photos all the time :).

And as you can guess, THAT was written by Lemming, not Grendel.

What a delightful pose from Jmagic/Komplex, Dice and Grendel/(B). Seems like someone's trying to be the fourth wheel of this lovely threesome over there in the back.

Here we have Growl, one of the ex-members of Byterapers from the 80s. Oh, and Moku/Ex-Accession/Ex-FIG (..etc) on the right.

This is sometime in Friday/Saturday night but why both have clothes on?

More people boozing! What a surprise. From left to right, Gurdan, his lady Mari, FCS/Finnish Gold and Gallstone/Finnish Gold having a drink and chat and Peeri having a pizza (in front of Gallstone).

Peeri, old Amiga guys, had quite good luck there. He doesn't drink booze, rather unnatural for a guy in (B) meeting, but had gone wild and bought a small bottle of some tough liquir. He started to make a fire in the fireplace for some heavy sausage stuff - and managed to swoosh his bottle down to the floor. Bängcrash. First casualty. Not the last either.

Bottle breaking was actually very small there, Micron's lady Kati made the record with the classic "uups I broke a bottle uuups broke another" at which moment others started yelling her not to move until they manage to clear the floor. :)

More boozers: Sivu/(B), Virne/Coma, Yolk/CNCD, Jmagic/Komplex and Sunnu.

Notice how Sivu is threatening the cameraman with the hugely terrifying chinese built AK47 copy that cost 10 marks in local artillery shop, where (B) people were loading Micron's car with necessary alcoholic beverages.

Reward/Komplex (I think? With his back to the camera), Gallstone, Sunnu, Peeri the pizza-eater who appeared a few pictures ago and Dr.Dick/(B).

Birra/(B) is posing with somewhat legendary QueWU flyer from the original Byterapers 10 years celebration in the back. The flyers were done back then by Qawu/Coma. Qawu was supposed to come to the 12 years party too but he told us that he couldn't 'coz he was suffering from a mega-hangover. Most people on the party, including myself, thought that this was a pitiful excuse :).

Birra wanted to make a statement to all the women of the world:
Take me!

This was accomplished by moving the (B) 10 Years posters from the table and replacing them with Birra's physical body, under the "Ota" (take) flyer on the wall. Idea was to suggest people that they should grab the posters. Birra was seen to enter a bus home on Sunday, feeling rather bad, so it didn't succeed.

Women! HC-Anna/(B), Jazz/(B) and Laura.

No more booze for this toxicated couple! And those sticky arrow-guns are always a pain in the ass, I wonder who keeps bringing them to these parties :).

Grendel suspected that "Birra Tell" will miss the orange or mandarin anyway so he was armed as well. If those were real guns Grendel would have a hole in forehead. Revege was outright.

Now Grendel and Birra are switching positions. Do notice my bald head in the background (or is it Zados? Who knows, heh).

Whoever took this silly picture must've been drunk. Zados on the left.

Kakka/Damones (on the right) is teaching Suckho/(B) how to deepthroat a sausage.

Professor Fate/(B), Suckho/(B) and Gallstone/Finnish Gold probably having another one of those coder-chats.

Professor Fate managed to avoid cameras quite well but no wonder. After all that home distilled poison he better avoid people who might remember his face. Fate played dirty tricks on people and offered a lot of "Koskenkorva" booze. Only later he revealed it was really much stronger self made stuff. A lot of people were werrry drunk because him :-)

Zadosin lausumana "se sika kusetti mua juottamalla sitä gossuna. Ei ihme että sisuskalut huokaisivat aamenen."

How cute! Passed out people!

Whoa! Art! Zados/Damones having a puke in the basket while Jazz/(B) looks a bit dominating. I wonder what they were up to.

Zados myöntää: Sisuskalut huutavat Armoa. Ei ennenaikainen siemensyöksykään mene samaan kategoriaan syövän kanssa.

More passed out people doing a lovely pose (I wonder how long they slept like this!). That's Spastic (I think?) sleeping under Jmagic's ass. How original.

Looks like Mr.Sex had to relax a while too and let some of the alcohol and weed get out of his body.

Old people. (a direct quote from B&B!)

Three of the vets. Peeri, 2nd on left doesnt belong on this photo. :) Imagine him away.

Zados/Damones, Loki/Stack, Grendel/Byterapers.

One of them is wealthy. And came previous day from worktrip in Asia. Guess who's the one.

Officer novice Suckho/(B) is probably being joked of by Mr.Sex and Sivu/(B) because of his promising army career :).

I'm not going to touch this picture with a twelve foot pole. Sivu on the left.

We have taken this photo many serious, long and fascinated looks and finally decided that it must be Hazard/(B) ass. It might be possible that HC-Anna/(B) if the naked female behind.

Grendel is having a drink while being passed out! This skill requires mystical forces which only a true boozer can posses.

Gurdan is giving first-aid to his girlfriend.

Micron/(B) is being dominated by his lady in the swimming pool. - Drink, slave! - Yes, mistress!

The couch. Jazz/(B), the luuuvly couple HCA&Hazi/(B) and Birra.

Half-naked men sitting by the table. Sivu, Moku, Gallstone, Zados, FCS, Hazi, Reward, Jmagic and Mr.Sex from left to right.

Swimming pool beer relay race

The legendary swimming competition is about to begin. Each contestant had to swim through the pool, drink a bottle of beer and let the next person in his team jump into the pool repeating the same thing. Each team had around 4 members.

Here people are getting ready. Or unready. Lots of hassle first.

In this picture from left to right, Razorback/Doomsday, FCS/Finnish Gold, AMJ/(B), Gurdan/(B), Birra (?), Mr.Sex/(B), Moku, Kakka/Damones and Dice.


Judge Hazard of Manse City 1 is watching the first competitor making the extra long 5 meters dash.

The competition. From left to right, Micron, Suckho, Fate, Gurdan (?), Sivu, Micron's lady, Reward (?), Razorback, Virne, FCS, Dice and AMJ.

Virne is clearly worried about their team's performance and is trying to make them drink faster.

Tough competition going on with Zados emptying his bottle in the front while Judge Jazz/(B) is checking um...that the guys don't cheat :).

Reward and Suckho preparing themselves while Zados and Birra are racing to the bottom of their bottles.

Gallstone just emptied his bottle. The crowd is cheering!

An intense ending for an intense competition.

And here's the winning team!

Byterapers' hometeam:
Suckho, Gurdan, Mr.Sex and Birra.
Well, they won by their time, but I personally think that the losing team had a lot more style in their performances :). (so says Lemming but seeing how the guest team lost with over one minute difference we now really know who're the true beerheads, corrects Grendel)

And by the way, don't you think Birra looks like he's been awake a bit too long?

Here are the happy winners again.

And the guest team was:
Gallstone/Finnish Gold, Zados/Damones, Reward/Complex, Virne/Coma.

Official guest team statement:
Seuraavalla kerralla viestikapulaksi pullo Unikumia ja Carilloa!

And here's the last one of these pics. Kauramehu straight outta sauna posing with Linda The Kyykky!

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