Ziaaaaargh! Ok, Grendel is trying to look like some japanese kungfukaratemaster. Add some judostuff too. Cannot remember where it started but at some occasion there was a lot of karateposing in Boozembly.

Of course, that was BEFORE it started to rain. Rain a lot. Ok summer was clearly nearing its end but why it had to strike on us like that. So, later the fine people from Boozembly moved into nearby tunnel and spent many happy hours in it. Most of the Byterapers on the other hand wandered undel a nearby bridge and overall had quite wet and cold time.

So no wonder we all moved to some place nice and warm.

Eija, Enema/(B), Hazard/(B), Nico/(B) and a (B) affiliate hitman with his lady Päivi.

Yeahyeahyeah. To this place.

Identities secret unless you know them.

But next day things were better again. Sun & shine!

Many fine people came to Boozembly. In left side you see the boy from east, Ed/Exotic Men.

Middle front row you got some old veteran bastardos, left-right Axa / X-Men (the first or maybe second famous Finnish Amiga group, this was in 1987), middle Grendel and right Spemu / Finnish Gold.

Behind standing many other nice people. Left Dr.Dick / (B), ?, Sivu / (B), ?, ?, Jaana of Lemming aka Jukka Kauramehu Kauppinen, ? and standing on right Merit the ex-Byterapers man. JJee.

Sitting, Mr.Sex / (B), ?, Enema / (B) drinking manly and Eija.

Standing ?, Jaana the Emäntä, ? and Merit Corleone the businessman gangster again.

And here the Byterapers gang moved a bit below. There's Hazard, a quite not so Byteraper person of Zados, Proton, Dr. Dick (red Asm shirt, back to us), ? and (B) affiliate hitman.

DDT / Accession, the bigtime hitman of Finnish scene known and feared as Lennu also came to talk rude things to us. What a pleasure!

And you can never miss Duncan. Damones, now and later.

But THIS here is a real scene veteran meeting. We really had an extraordinary bunch of old vets from 80s this year. Left-right:

Yip / Pure-Byte. The FIRST famous person and his group on Finnish scene. C-64 1986 or something.
Axa / X-Men. As mentioned, first famous Amiga-group.
Grendel / Byterapers. Just a dweeb. Peeking back there.
DDT / Accession. Big bad pirate. If you don't know him or haven't heard of him, you haven't lived.
Spemu / Finnish Gold. One of those who paved Finland into big stardom in world's demoscene.

Yip and Zados.

The de factro securityman lost his magic wand during the party. It was seen at some moment in the boozembly area. Here it is used in a blowjob after it was heard securityguys try to confiscate the Assembly tickets from Boozembly participants. Which was one huge crap thing to do.

Lasse / Byterapers was drinking a bit on saturday. Ahem...

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