through the eyes of Byterapers

Friday. Boozembly starting. This photo got some very fart old sceneguys who arrived into the party.

Moku/Accession, possibly Primon/Radio, Jugi Perfect/Complex, Gallstone/Finnish Gold.

Behind Moku is Adept/Accession.

Others are a bit too fuzzy.

Boozembly is getting the ball rolling. Some heavy tuffnuff boozing is going on and more people arriving all the time. The stuff happened first in a park in middle of apartment blocks and some 5 meters to the nearest shop that surely made the year's record selling beer.

For example I did 4 beerruns, many (B) guys bought beer at least as many times and few guys did 6 beerruns during the afternoon. You know how fast the drinking stuff is used in sunny afternoon with loads of friends around.

"Dance with me"

Merit/ex-Byterapers (though he never left the group officially ;-) is being harassed by old friend Proton/Byterapers, and it's a bit ashaming to look as outsider into their definitely tense and tender talk.

Well, what would you say... Boozembly! At the best count there was easily over 100 scenedoods drinking in this very small 10x25 meters area.

At left corner you see Caveman/Coma peeking, and the guy in right is Gallstone/Finnish Gold. Other IDs welcome.

Looks like Primon/Radio has visited the nearby shop. Thumbs up, we're gonna drink today!

By the way, Primon is the lilla brother of Merit/ex-Byterapers, and their family is fast growing another additions into the demoscene. That's the way!

Some handyman took a photo using my camera and managed to hassle his finger over the camera lenses. That's the way of taking photos!

The guys, left/up to right>bottom:
Razorback/whatever, Lemming/Orange
someone of something, Grendel / Byterapers

Looks like Grendel is having some pretty amusing conversation there.

Booze it men!

It's tough drinking you got to do.

Dice/Doomsday, Micron/Byterapers, Gallstone/Finnish Gold, Merit/ex-Byterapers (??), Jugi/Complex.

Standing right:
?, Razorback/sumthing, Lemming/Orange.

Around Gallstone you see Primon/Radio to his right, and Jmagic/Complex to left.

Drunking in this park caused 130 complain calls to police. Finally police came and asked us to leave, and so we did.

Enter the (B)ytehill. In Boozembly area there is a certain little hill where Byterapers and friends have boozed in three years. And there we went again. Here you see Kakka/Damones woman on left, Eija of Enema/(B) in middle and Proton/(B) in right.

Here Proton is definitely high on the booze. He has fallen on Enema/(B) and another picture from different angle shows there was also third guy somewhere under.

In Sunday evening the party was closing down. This shot is after the awards ceremony, when guys started flow out and, no surprise, went into the nearest pub. Hell expensive beer by the way.

People, left->right:
Mike/(B), Turtle/ex-(B)/ex-whatever behind him, Dice/Doomsday showing his back, Jugi/Complex behind him.
Then Jmagic in the black shirt, Sivu/(B) to his right, and rightmost is Dr.Dick/(B).

Grendel wanted some piece of fame too.
Didn't win anything but drinking beer from Mike's award cup does it.
Mike/(B) won the C-64 Graphics Competition so he got a nice 1st Prize Cup. Nams.

In middle you see someone, might have been from Trauma but not sure, and Jugi/Complex taking a sip likewise from Complex's award cup, 1st place in Java Coding.

And the winner.
Mike/(B) taking his sip of beer from the 1st Prize Cup. WTG!

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