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We saw Dice/ex-Doomsday in Da Olde Shoppe and thought Heeeey, Dice is buying beer too!

But Dice said "no, i'm just taking a coke."

Oh Yeah we thought. But he really bought just a coke. What a waste for a good man.

This definitely looks like some Boozembly action. That's Zados/Damones on the left but err, who're the others?

Jou, määääään says Primon.

And is clearly coming from Da Olde Shoppe.


Manly. Ugh. Grendel.

After that rainy season in saturday morning/midday had passed the Byterapers started to group up again. And so we went into the park that had had the honor of hosting Boozembly (tm) last night. Well, you could quite clearly see it.

Now we had the place all for ourselves. Ahh, grill, beer, sausages.

Left-right: Umm the big guy, Nico, Icemann, someone standing, Grendel, Dr.Dick.

And Dr.Dick & Lasse show how real Byterapers drink.

After some time in the park Byterapers moved out. Well, the least reason was maybe that guy who was videotaping us from nearby house. "More boozers, ooonooooo" they must have thought.

Legendary football match Oh shit. Icemann/(B) saw Damones playing football against some others and he actually managed to rally (B) people out there as well. We ended up against Damones and then both teams grew steadily bigger.

Zados/Damones making an attack.

Oh no, we cannot hold them.

Or can we? Relaxing moment in middle of game.

Hoffi/Damones goalkeeping the Byterapers goal. Easily the best shot of 1998 :-)

And it's over. We won a moral victory.

Grendel/(B), Spastic, Nico/(B), Icemann/(B), bigguyProton/(B)scousinIthink

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