through the eyes of Byterapers
all persons shown in Byterapers unless told otherwise

Descriptions updated 28.08.1998
Thanks to Gurdan / (B)

On the road. Most of the Byterapers travelled into the partyplace by a minibus, as usual.

Here you see some of the warm and fuzzy feelings in da bus. It was singing'n'dancing, and also quite a bit of alcohol.

In the backrow you see (left>right)
Grendel and HC-Anna fighting over a beer, with Nico drinking a beer and Sivu licking Nico's ear.

In front you have (left>right>
Hazard (the famour reggaestar Afrohazi) with Lasse peeking. Other inhabitants in da bus were Micron, who took the photo and T.o.B who drove.

Because the roads can be tough things to travel on, you might accidentally lose a bit of your beer to unnatural causes. Here Nico has stripped his beer bottle into his mouth so you surely won't lose anything.

Sivu can only watch in amazement.

We did quite a bit of drinking during the night trip, but went to sleep mode sometime in the morning hours. We were the first guys to arrive in the party, btw. About 0600 in the morning.

Help! Help! A train has crushed Sivu!

We had to take first resupply stop only 25 km from home. In the stopping place was an old train, which accidentally drove over Sivu. Help! Help! Everyone's so shocked here.

T.o.B, Micron, Lasse, Nico, Hazard and the poor Sivu under the train.

And finally we got into the partyplace as well. Were on the spot around 0600 in the morning. First guys to hit the place.

So of course we had to refresh far into the night. Here we have Proton / (B) and Turtle / ex-(B) discussing this and that.

Byterapers were the King of the Hill. We captured a nice small hill in the Boozembly (tm) area and camped on it. Ooo bring on the comfy chair!

It's afternoon at this moment, since some light can actually be seen. Almost like a picnic.

Grendel, Hazard, Jazz, Albert, Gurdan, T.o.B and haziknows in the back.
Lasse is enjoying his time in the middle, in warm hospitality of his (B)ytefriends.

More Boozembly. Now it's night.

Lessee. Left>Right:
Tuija (the brains of Proton/(B) and Albert.
Then someone in the dark, Mr.Sex in between and Lasse in front. Finally it's Gurdan in right.

And more of the Boozemblyous night.

Maybe Turtle/ex-(B) discussing with Proton, Jazz, Mr.Sex and Zados as last in the left row.

In Right row from back to front we have:
Hoffi/Damones, Gurdan, Nico and Mike.

And drink'all the night. It goes on and on.

HC-Anna (the violence section), Hazard (the Afro), some very unknown person in Amiga t-shirt, and then a whole row of foreign guys who joined our company for some drinking and crap talking. Austrians I think. The guy in red shirt is definitely Antibyte/Scoopex, though.

Hey, look, Proton DRINKS!

Rather amazing. No-one's ever seen Proton drinking, or heard him being drunk.... NOOOT.

Dunno who's in middle, looks like Mike's pony tail. If the guy's puking he must be Mr.Sex though.

In backrow anyways leftmost is THE Proton, then Grendel and Micron. Dunno who's in front.

Byterapers and the C-64 scene guys have their traditional party area in the nearby rocks. Here we join every year to drink beer and have our own good time. This year we had the good luck of U2 concert just nearby, and we could hear very well how the concert went on. Felt real good I tell you!

Somehow two pictures have messed here, so left side is the 'party on the rocks' while right side is Boozembly. Note the happy Zados/Damones in right lower corner.

This is another messed up picture. Who cares?

At one time we brought our own grill to the rocks, and made our own food over there. Therefore, Grillembly'97.

The persons in da photo, left>right:
Grendel, Mike, ?, Nico, Hazard, HC-Anna.
In middle you see the ghost of Dr.Dick.

Unfortunately this place has since been leveled into a parking lot. BARBARIANS, to think they destroyed our traditional boozing rock.

Reward from Wabo-Soft drinks something expensive. One of the old 80s sceneveterans who still breathe.

And Lennu. Oh, DDT/Accession. No comments necessary.

One of the rare occasions anyone has managed to snap a photo of T.o.B/(B) Don't you think this father of 2 is sooo cute. Buy his band's (Wanda) records and you will make him haaaappy.

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