The Byterapers flag. It's been featured in quite a few TV shows now.

Byterapers official slogan for 1996: Byterapers, POSTI!

Unnamed persons wandered one darn, rainy night in the streets of one unnamed town and came back with a new nifty piece of Bytehardware.

Hazard, Mysdee & Jazz giving a performance nearby the party area.

Grendel behind the camera. I think we were going to buy more booze from a nearby shop. Then we drunk it all in a park with other partypeople, then went to a pub, then Hazi went off to HC-Anna and Grendel/Mysdee/Jazz continued to another pub.

After that last pub we started returning to partyplace, but instead decided to head for our & C-64 scene's traditional boozing area in the big rocks nearby where we were having our own Grillembly party. We had dragged a grill there and ate'n'drunk well. The last beers had been too much for Mysdee as you can see. He slept very heavily, but boy were we surprised when he actually woke up without troubles!

Jugi & JMagic from the Complexious group looking sharp 'coz they thought we were from the MTV.

"Hey, look what I got!"

A happy & proud MikroBITTI reader has just been given an MBnet badge and he's so proud!

Boozembly action.

Left to right: Primon/Radio or whatever, Jazz, Reznor, Hazard, AMJ & Sivu from (B).

Some peelo putting up equipment for a toilet rave. Organizers found them out though, before the rave even started throwing everyone out. Women's toilet btw. Lotsa fun for about 5 mins...

Micron & Mysdee together enjoying a good nights' or days' sleep in that wonderous world of partynoise.

Well, Hazard had sore feet so he's just taking a short rest here.

CNCD Live. CNCD gave us a live concert outside the main entrance.

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