Queue or what? Scenefolks want to get into the party. About half of the line shown.

After a very hot day we left for the city to enjoy some cool drinks. The place was very comfortable, drinks had alcohol and we didn't budge out until the place closed down. Hazard left, Grendel right, Jazz behind the camera.

Whoever had the urge to have a Coca-Cola drinking competition in the middle of a street? Particularly when one is hung over, and it's a hot day like this one, you feel SICK after an event like this.
Deadbeat/Sharks left - Mysdee/(B) right.

In the left, you can see Wode-II. In the middle, you can see Dice/Doomsday, who later on (more or less) grew out of the local loser-status. =) In the right, there's the (at the time of taking this picture totally hopeless) alokas Savolainen AKA Hazi. In retrospect, it must be mentioned he DID make it out of the army alive. Geez! The nerve of some people... =)

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