Deadbeat / The Sharks & Hazard having a small partysex session.

"Hazi, gimme hyvvää!"
"No way, asswipe!"

What can one do, when you're out of alcohol and nothing else to do?
Have sex, of course! Hazi is just a damn pihtari. =)

Hazi: Especially when dealing with males!

Die, capitalist pigs!
Lenin forever.
Just making a good use with the kewl flag stolen from Albert's back(or is it front-)yard. The flag's current whereabouts are unknown. A pity!
Proud bearer is Lasse/(B)

Lasse/(B) AKA Flatus tries to empty some fluids. He complained later "it didn't respond to me at all."

No matter what you do, just don't touch the bottle in the sleeping (read: passed out) guy's hand! You can even stick a bottle up his ass, that's no problem. But steal his beer? No way!

Yeah. Deadbeat/Sharks is very proud here.

Actually this was very humorous. Proton had passed out, but was having a very steady grab of his beer bottle. You couldn't wake or disturb him, but it if you tried to take the beer he started fighting back - asleep!

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